Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 14, 2018

Fighting Hard For What’s Right? Win A Council Seat!

Who hasn’t heard about the amazing Carl Eaton, disabled, a wheelchair user, and his wife who are planning to abseil down a 560ft building in order to fund a project close to their hearts, the Skem Men-Aces ?

The Skem Men-Aces is a successful football club based in Skelmersdale, which was founded by Carl, for adults with learning disabilities. They have won many awards including the Queen’s Award for Volunteer Services and the team were invited to attend the Royal garden party at Buckingham Palace. Carl received the Freedom of the Borough .

But the recent disgraceful council decision to close down the 3G pitch on Glenburn has annoyed Carl, he’s had enough of the state of Skelmersdale and will stand as an Independent candidate for West Lancs Local Council in May 2018. He wants to bring some Passion – Experience – Leadership. He wants to help to build a better Skelmersdale for a brighter tomorrow”. And who can blame him!

He says I am passionate about helping people, changing lives and making things happen. I love my hometown of Skelmersdale and the amazing kind, dedicated and hard-working people who live here. Until recently I have had no interest in national or local politics.

“This all changed in late 2017 when the local council decided it was time to close one of the only local multi-use playing fields in the town. I am now standing as a candidate for the local Council Elections in May 2018.

“If you have the same passion for this wonderful town that I do, and you are also fed up with what is happening (or not happening) and are desperate for a change of leadership, then I would truly value your support”.

Read about it and listen to him here

He could produce the shock of the local elections if he’s supported as he hopes and takes a safe Labour seat in Skelmersdale?


  1. This will make the local elections interesting in Skelmersdale for the first time in… well, for the first time.

    • All he needs is for enough people to catch his passion, and he will be shaking Skelmersdale and Labour. I’m wishing he does after listening to him.

  2. Best wishes in your campain, great to see someone with passion, drive and enthusiasm for improving their community, best of luck Carl!

    • He mentions Up Holland, the seat of Ian Moran, that would be amazing?

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