Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 13, 2018

Sam Squawkbox Currie And The 315

Squawkbox on Facebook “Out in Haskayne this morning delivering the new bus timetable to residents. You have no idea how delighted I am to be typing those words!”

Feisty Halsall resident Carol Young responded “Is this the timetable for the 315  Southport/ Ormskirk bus that has been in service for the last 4 weeks and the one that has had its timetable published in in the Halsall News for the last 2 months or are you talking about a different service? Bit late in the day to be delivering timetables for something YOU have organised maybe?”

Squawkbox responded “Hi Carol, yes I’m afraid I’m a little later than some for delivering the timetable! It was also printed in KIT (the publication for Downholland and Altcar). But not everyone gets the publications mentioned so it’s always worth getting it out, isn’t it? Either way, I’m chuffed to bits that the service is in operation”.

Well, there is an election coming in Aughton & Downholland and the incumbent WLBC (and LCC ) Cllr O’Toole will be a candidate yet again, what’s the betting he claims or receives credit for this 315 bus service?. O’Toole is an expensive commodity for tax payers, His basic WLBC allowance is £4,842 and he claimed £105.62 for travel and subsistence. His LCC allowance is £10,466.04, special responsibility allowance £2,988.96, his subsistence £39.49, his mileage £1,844.20. Total LCC £15,338.69. Total for both authorities £20,286.31. Figures relate to 2016/2017 as published. These two hatters do cost us!

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