Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 12, 2018

Tory Press Office Scraping The Political Barrel?

In a remarkable exchange of views via Facebook about the now infamous Westley letter written and published by the Conservative Association last Friday “Labour’s Great Land Grab revealed”, accusations from “Soundbite Sam” Currie make it inevitable he should be renamed “Squawkbox Sam” in his role as “Association Press Officer” .

It follows the point made by Council Leader Ian Moran “It’s strange how you can publish a letter that I have not yet received”.

Cllr Sam Currie “Hi Ian, thanks for following my page. Much appreciated. It’s addressed to the council offices as you can see. I’d have thought as leader that you would be in everyday to collect your post?”

Ian Moran “Not there today….don’t follow Sam only lead”.

Cllr Sam Currie “That’s probably why you didn’t get the letter then. Glad that mystery is solved. You should follow- further down the page I posted our live BBC Lancashire debate (the one where your struggled to name what council tax pays for beyond bins and schools). I’ve just been on your page and noticed you didn’t advertise it. How come?”

Ian Moran “Cllr Sam Currie not there as in no letter there…as for your radio interview it was your show not mine…see you in council”.

Adam Yates “West Lancs isn’t offering land to Merseyside. There is a duty to cooperate with surrounding authorities, so we have to discuss their needs as part of the development of any local plan (just as they have to consider our needs). Given that you are an Aughton councillor, you should really have a better understanding of Planning, given that your party allocated Parrs Lane as development land and then questioned why the Labour administration was making a legal challenge against the developers. You might also want to remind your leader NO development figures have been agreed yet (perhaps he wasn’t listening in the Cabinet Working Group – he’s good at that where Aughton residents are concerned) and that there is actually an embargo on the Local Plan at this time. Perhaps he could put that in his next letter, so you don’t mislead residents further?”

Cllr Sam Currie “Be honest with residents and tell them what the Labour group are suggesting, Adam. It’s exactly why we are walking away from it. Greater control? Don’t make me laugh. What you’re saying is complete drivel as well you know. There doesn’t need to be scaremongering. At least have the courage to stand by what you and your group are suggesting here. That’s the least West Lancashire residents deserve. There is no need for scaremongering. You propose one thing, we propose preserving our green belt. The residents can make their own minds up”.

Adam Yates “Explain again how you protected Parrs Lane? You allocated it as future development land, which allowed developers to challenge to bring it forward within the lifetime of this plan. Then you questioned why we fought that challenge in court. Hardly “preserving our green belt,” is it?”

Cllr Sam Currie “Again, Adam you are being completely and utterly misleading. Tell you what, go back to your working group (which is now a one party working group), vote through what you’ve already proposed privately and allow the public to see that I’m telling them the truth here and you have been fundamentally dishonest”.

Adam Yates “How am I being misleading, Sam? You claim that you want to protect the green belt but we don’t, so I asked you about the most recent example of that – our legal challenge to the developers on Parrs Lane. You didn’t fight to protect that land. We did. How was I misleading?”

Readers might have caught the drift SquawkBox Sam is aiming for, he is honest, truthful even, but his opponents are fundamentally dishonest, misleading. But the subject of what concerns Aughton residents, Parrs Lane,  preserving the greenbelt, was personified in the Westley 2012 group slandering of those Aughton campaigners who “told lies door to door”. Honest? Truthful? Hardly!


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