Church Street Scrubs Up Rather Well

Ormskirk Town Centre received a boost to its appearance recently after buildings and environment on Church Street got a spring clean. Local businessman Luis Stockton, who owns buildings on Church Street, cleaned up the exterior of his property following enquiries from local councillors .

Some residents had contacted Ormskirk’s Scott Ward Labour Councillor Noel Delaney and Labour County Councillor Nikki Hennessy to ask if improvements could be made to buildings within the town centre. Cllrs Delaney and Hennessy met with Mr Stockton to discuss the appearance of the site and what work could be carried out. 2018pic

Cllr Delaney said “When we approached Mr Stockton to meet with us, he was only too happy to oblige. He was delighted that we had contacted him and was eager to know how he could contribute to improving the appearance of the town centre. Through the Ormskirk Town Centre strategy and our push to spread more business up the Church Street end of town, this will help complement the ongoing work. I’m sure local residents and visitors to the town centre will agree that the area is looking a lot more pleasant and we will continue to work with local retailers to boost the town”.

Mr Stockton said “As a local businessman and West Lancashire resident, I’m investing in the town centre because I think Ormskirk is a fabulous place to work, live and socialise. I want to support residents and visitors by ensuring my site is kept clean and tidy. I’d like to thank Cllr Delaney and Cllr Hennessy for getting in touch with me to raise the issue and look forward to continuing work to improve the town”.

Cllr Delaney has recently been organising clean-up operations at both the railway station to the bus pathway and at Yew Tree Road and Lea Crescent. Cllr Nikki Hennessy is Chair of the Corporate and Environmental Overview and Scrutiny Committee and last year signed off on the Market Town Strategy for Ormskirk.

So, what next for the still sad appearance of parts of Ormskirk? This is a great start and should hopefully be the catalyst for more of the same. Perhaps candidates for the May elections might copy this event and bring even more boosts to the town? As Labour might say “We and Mr Stockton did you proud”. 

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