A Tale Of Two Councillors

Readers will recall that Wally Westley was effectively demoted out of his traditional seat on the LCC by his own party when Paul Greenall was selected to fight the new LCC Division of West Lancashire East. Westley was consoled by selection to fight for Ormskirk. Needless to say the discerning Ormskirk electorate red-carded Westley who was out of his Aughton comfort zone. Cue celebrations in Aughton. The Westleyphant was expelled from one room!

Cllr Greenall made promises in connection with the LCC election, one of which was he would not serve on two local councils at once. This was honoured and he left the WLBC Derby ward seat. He raised other issues in the LCC and was hounded out of the Conservative party for his determination to stop Cllrs receiving extras at tax payers’ expense. He’s raised other matters of local concern and has published them at his own expense by delivering a leaflet . This is unique to LCC members .

Turning to WLBC and Aughton Park, Cllr Stephenson who now wants to be re-elected, has had a year in the ward. It has, to be kind to her, been uneventful, mundane, a year of invisibility as expected. No surprise there then. Her history prior to Aughton Park was her disastrous tenure of Halsall. She was intensely disliked for her disregard of public issues.

As usual the Local Plan was one such bone of contention, about which she stated in public “I have not read it, I don’t need to”. And eventually she refused to attend the Halsall Parish Council meeting at which she was to deliver her annual report. The picture of the seat reserved for her, left vacant, said it all .

So here we all are scratching our collective heads wondering what Cllr Stephenson has achieved and now why she claims to be “Caring and Campaigning for Aughton Park”. One of her pages includes references to Labour causing pothole problems, how the Conservatives at the LCC have kept their election promises to sort out the absolute mess left by Labour, and in fact it is all down not only to Superwoman Stephenson but also to M Westley, David O’Toole, and LCC cabinet member for Transport and Highways Keith Iddon. What a team, but can they avoid oblivion?

Astonishingly, one issue raised stands out from the rest the Conservatives claim “the need for lifts to improve disabled access to Aughton Park Station” and an outstanding memory for Aughton Park is this picture of Cnty Cllr Greenall  doing just that long before not-so-superwoman thought how good it might be as an election subject. And just as amazing, from the range of issues we have “speeding traffic, parking and road safety on Long Lane”. Now come on, whose mess is that?

What can we really determine from the year of not-so-Superwoman Stephenson? As teacher would put it “must try harder” or as electors would put it “don’t bother us again”.

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