Three Year Review Of WLBC That Doesn’t Mention Cutting Elected Council Members

Here we go again. It’s going to take three years of WLBC paying “Independent experts” to “support an internal project team to deliver the review”. We pay our top brass huge salaries, all selected for the skills they apparently obtained through their education, qualifications, and work experience, and yet now they need these “independent experts” to support them. And a quick check on the content of the “vision for West Lancashire” doesn’t envisage lessening the number of elected members that should surely match the ongoing drop in central government funding. 

How can reference to the “scope for further use of ‘lean’ processes (re-engineering)” ignore the permanency of the 54 elected members and their need for officer support? And what will we taxpayers discover about the consultants’ fees for all this “support” our top management needs ?

In 1955 I was introduced to an essay by Cyril Northcote Parkinson . He wrote about his experiences in the British civil service. In that essay, Parkinson’s first sentence became his eponymous law that “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. What a silly thing WLBC has done by announcing this new “project” that could take “up to three years to complete”. Don’t they realise that consultants will rejoice at the chance to feed for three years at the WLBC trough?

And lo and behold, here we see the appearance of election bumph for “Caring and Campaigning Doreen Stephenson-The “Local from Halsall” Choice for Aughton Park”. Yes, it’s a repeat of the Halsall resident, cast out of her own ward by the discerning local electorate for her abysmal record on their behalf. Isn’t there a single Aughton Ward resident who could be chosen? Does the local Tory party intend to continue its musical chairs policy of placing a previous dud in a safe seat when the music stops? Read page 1  of the 4 that accompany her amazing claim [bearing in mind her part in the Local Plan that apparently means Parrs Lane is appropriate to Aughton’s needs] that she will be “Restricting future housing developments to that appropriate for Aughton’s needs and protecting the Greenbelt from Merseyside’s urban sprawl”. If we ever needed proof that five members should be reduced to two just look at Aughton Park and Aughton & Downholland. 

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