Does Aughton Park Need Stephenson?

Cllrs Stephenson and M Westley have fired the May elections starting gun by publishing the “results of a recent survey in the Aughton Park ward” . They claim “The level of response to it was remarkably high and gives them a real understanding of the issues that are important to you and your families”. The problem is, they haven’t published any specific questions and they haven’t verified by a reliable and trusted source any figures. It’s reminiscent of when Wally Westley stated that “lies were told door to door” about Parrs Lane and the Local Plan. Nobody believed a word of it and no evidence was ever produced. It slandered Aughton’s residents.

So, in this remarkable survey we have 90% re Roads and Potholes; 55% re Planning and Sensitive Development; 43% Litter and the Street scene. And, yes, you’ve guessed it, these bad things are down to Labour and any improvements are because of the Conservative LCC. Well, no surprise there then.

But, in Aughton, planning and in particular Parrs Lane is the hot topic, the burning issue. These two councillors claim “the Conservatives have always believed that any new developments in Aughton should only be permitted if they are required to meet a local housing need, and that the current Conservative Local Plan had no development sites in Aughton although it did provide a safeguarded site on Parrs Lane”. This is bullshit, pure and simple. They go on to claim it, the Conservative Local Plan, “DID provide a safeguarded site on Parrs Lane for possible future development but only as and when there was a demonstrable need”. They forgot to mention it would be Redrow and WainHomes that would claim THEY had a demonstrable need to build on Parrs Lane. No surprise there then, and the legals are well under way, but by Labour of course!

Not to be denied, these Conservative duds now claim the New Local Plan “could double the existing target of 250 new dwellings a year and have no safeguarded sites, simply giving free reign to developers. And, believe this…they write…“The Conservatives will fight tooth and nail to stop such an irresponsible approach to planning”. I suppose that might mean one of them might make a speech in the Council Chamber insulting the residents, just like old whatsisname in 2013… As for the question “Does Aughton Park need Stephenson” that’s for discerning voters who should probably ask residents of Halsall that question?

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