The Demise Of The Blue Bag, All Change In The Bins

WLBC states “A key project of the Council for 2018/19 will see £440,000 invested in Refuse and Recycling Services to make things easier for residents to store cardboard and paper for recycling. From June 2018 residents will be able to place cardboard and paper in the green bins currently used for garden waste , instead of the blue bags. A new brown bin , or more if they had more last year for garden waste, will be supplied to residents signing up for the garden waste collection scheme. The changes will make it easier for residents to recycle and will help to keep streets tidier. The bin collection will also make the collection rounds more efficient”. Question…why change the use of the green bin from green waste ?

“As a result of the government reductions to local authority funding, the Council has had difficult decisions to make. As part of these Council Tax has had to be increased by 2.99%, which equates to £5.73 (or 11 pence per week) on a Band D Council Tax property. The majority of West Lancashire residents live in Band A and Band B properties, which will see a rise of £3.82 per week and £4.46 per week respectively”.

One decision WLBC has still not taken is to ask employees who are allowed to park free all day regardless of car usage to pay a levy so as to raise money from the 400+ spaces on Derby Street. 

4 thoughts on “The Demise Of The Blue Bag, All Change In The Bins

      1. wlbcarepants

        Sorry- just to clarify, Sefton allows mixed recycling (glass, plastic, cans, cardboard and paper together) which makes life simple, and prevents silly things like bags blowing away. Alternatively, WLBC seem to revel in unnecessarily complicating matters, wasting money like it’s going out of fashion, and employing more Cllrs than necessary. Concepts of Best Practice seem alien.

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