Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 6, 2018

Currie Introduces New Pledge

It seems that Cllr Currie is introducing a new Tory pledge on media standards, seen here  although WLR has changed it to reflect the past and consider why Westley has never apologised for his past record.  .


  1. Another meaningless soundbyte from Soundbyte Sam is only to be expected, I guess. The Nasty Party -that’s to say, the Conservatives- introduced a similar ‘code of conduct’ to great fanfare recently, with threats of suspension for anyone caught breaking it. Straight away they were breaking it, and of course there were NO suspensions.

    • It means nothing, just ask the ex-Tory councillors around Lancashire. And ask the residents of Aughton and Halsall, as the insults and lies were spouted.

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