Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 6, 2018

Currie Explains His Absence From Meeting

Cllr Currie has explained his absence from a council committee meeting in the message he gave to QLocal and also now copied on his Twitter and Facebook pages. Well, it’s hardly an explanation, because he doesn’t explain what was so important for him to sit in an audience in Blackpool when he could have watched it at home after the committee meeting. Or did he want to ask a question, and if so might he share it with us? That would give us, his ward electorate, something we never receive, what interest he might have in Aughton & Downholland? Because as things are, he is becoming more interested in politics outside the everyday run of the mill ward drains, cleanliness, appearance, the bread and butter councillor work. Where is there any comment from Currie about the current closure of the local ward police station? Is he aware, or concerned, about how Aughton is being policed at this time?

Perhaps Currie forgets that some weeks ago he and his entire party walked out of the Council Chamber and left the people who elected him and others to office unrepresented. Perhaps people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

As for what’s behind all this nonsense, perhaps this childish Tweet from Currie sums it up “So @LabourWestLancs think me missing 2 meetings since 2016 is a scoop. Whoops-a-daisy. Must try harder” . It’s nothing to do with squabbling with Labour, it’s the local ward electorate who probably think Currie should try harder?

He said “Last week I gave my apologies to a committee as I was an audience member for Question Time. This was only the second meeting I have missed since becoming a councillor in 2016. My attendance record is 94%. The local Labour group decided this was a story-despite having one councillor on 29% and another on 42% (more on this particular one to come soon!)-and asked local media outlets to run it. Naturally, I was asked for a quote and happily obliged. Please see my full response below.

“I did attend question time on Thursday evening having sent my apologies for the committee. Incidentally, this was only the second meeting I have missed in 2 years of being a councillor. Some Labour councillors have missed more than that this week and I was delighted to learn that Labour Cllr Jenny Forshaw appears to be on my side having described my record as “excellent”. If I was the Labour leader I would be more concerned that the previous evening for the budget meeting there were a number of his own councillors not present! I suppose they are desperate for any dirt on me whatsoever but this is incredibly weak. My advice to them is to dig deeper. I spent 6 and a half years in the Royal Navy: there’ll be loads out there. If they’re struggling I’ll happily pass on names and numbers”.

How are comments about his time in the Royal Navy relevant to local politics? They just show the absurdity of his thinking! While it remains me, me, me, he will never be for us, the people who pay the council tax that pays his councillor allowance!


  1. What a pathetic, smug response. Cllr Currie appears very arrogant indeed.

    • All true, and not only pathetic, smug, and arrogant, but utterly useless for the ward he was elected to, but then we do have another four of the same. Not one comment about the current policing situation in the Aughton wards!

  2. I recall the same foolish individual tweeting a clear identifiable photograph of a property in Ormskirk that had a number of Labour posters in its window , then stating to all and sundry that it was empty. He is clearly not that smartest of individuals.

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