Aughton Police Station Still Closed

Having reported that the Aughton Police Station had closed for some mysterious building work there has been a deafening silence about it and it remains closed .

Despite Aughton & Downholland, where the police station is situated, having three ward councillors they seem not to be interested, not even “Soundbite Sam” being among them. And while he seems pleased by his new reputation, having tweeted that “Apparently @LabourWestLancs have taken to calling me “Soundbite Sam”. Two of my favourite things: nicknames and alliteration” perhaps the electorate of Aughton & Downholland would prefer that he actually does something rather than becoming a purveyor of bullshit?

An enquiry to the Police and Crime Commissioner about the closure resulted in it being passed over to the Lancashire Constabulary who “will be in touch with you in relation to your enquiry in due course”.

So when “in due course” occurs we may or may not have a police station in Aughton.

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