Was Soundbite Sam AWOL From Council Duty?

It’s been reported that Tory councillor Sam Currie, supposedly due to attend a WLBC committee meeting, was spotted on BBC Question Time when he should have been at Derby Street . The article describes the incident of blatant truantism as “A true blue Tory councillor and parliamentary candidate has been caught red handed skipping his council duties to attend Question Time”.

Currie was due to be at a meeting of the council’s Corporate And Environmental Overview And Scrutiny Committee last night. It’s reported he sent his apologies to the committee, which discussed important local issues like crime, public services and the Labour administration’s plan to mitigate Tory austerity, but the “Meeting attendance” list shows him as expected to be there.

His fellow committee members no doubt presumed that there was a good reason for his absence. But the so called rising star of the local Tories, who was pictured campaigning alongside Theresa May when he stood unsuccessfully at the general election, has been caught out.

“Soundbite Sam” as he has become known locally, was spotted in the audience of last night’s edition of Question Time by one eagle-eyed viewer . After trying and failing to get Dimbleby’s attention, this Tory TV star wannabe might reflect that his time would have been better spent asking questions that mattered to residents of the ward he represents. We suspect they might now have a few questions for him…

Comments followed the article. One said “Oh dear! He did not catch Dimbleby’s eye! ‘Soundbite Sam’ thinks maybe he should have attended to the questions posed by members of his own ward! What do they think of that?”. Not a lot, it would seem.

And another “Surely its good manners to explain why you cannot make important meetings, either with the chairperson and especially his fellow party members. I would be livid if I was one of his constituents. Lying to get out of meetings just isn’t on”.

This episode is one of complete contempt for the council tax payers who pay him £4,840 a year in allowances. He is hypocritical in his comments to the press and takes every opportunity he can to attack councillors who miss meetings, going so far as to make a personal attack on Cllr Nicola Pryce-Roberts because of her work away from West Lancashire. Perhaps she might have a wry smile on her face as she is a member of the same committee Currie missed?

4 thoughts on “Was Soundbite Sam AWOL From Council Duty?”

  1. Shoddy behaviour that needs coverage in the wider local media so that more people are aware. No, that’s not Thomas Burton next to him – he’s got more sense.

  2. Did the leader of the party know and approve his committee meeting absence? After all, you have to apply to be in the audience many weeks in advance! As a Parish councillor in full time employment for the NHS, I have to change and swop shifts to attend monthly Parish Council meetings, LALC, CAAP, Transport, Flood, meetings etc, with zero expense to residents I represent! I would feel totally embarrassed in letting down residents by not attending a meeting for the 3 seconds of “fame” of being seen as part of the TV audience in an area I don’t represent!
    “Soundbite Sam” or should it be “shameful Sam”?

    1. He’s generally on the leash of his leader, seldom seen alone, but on odd occasions with the Wyre/WLBC two hatter? It is shameful, missing WLBC meetings while active against others who take full allowances regardless of circumstances.

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