Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 2, 2018

Councillors’ Expenses And Police Funding

WLBC Cllr Kevin Wright is the Cabinet member for Health & Community Safety, and also a member of the Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner Panel. He’s written to the Champion to offer clarification of councillor expenses and police funding, which are being criticised by the public. You can read it here . But as Cllr Wright points out, austerity, the under-funding of public services, is deliberate. Who can argue with him?

Many will, as they read about the stench of two/three political hats worn by those elected to represent the public. Who can forget the “special responsibility allowances” claimed by 33 Conservative county councillors who receive appointments to these “jobs for the boys” worth typically +£7-8,000 “bonus” a year and sometimes more, out of 42 Conservative county councillors in total? Who can forget the practice of “Mooning” where one councillor takes two elected seats with two allowances in two separate authorities as a member of the same party, and could only do so by selection, or connivance, by that party?

As for policing, while we can sympathise with the poorer pay now on offer to new recruits, it seems argumentative that those taking early retirement are not helping to avoid the cuts to front-line services. 

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