Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 1, 2018

News From WLBC Full Council

The local Conservative Association Press Officer Cllr Sam Currie reports that “At last night’s full council County councillor Eddie Pope raised an amendment to the budget to include bringing in disabled access to the library in Burscough . This did not pass. Why? Because Labour voted against it. Even more concerning: the 3 Burscough Labour councillors voted AGAINST! Here I was thinking they were supposed to be doing what is best for the people they represent”.

And here am I thinking Cllr Eddie Pope, Newburgh, Term of Office began 04/05/2006, had 9 years while HIS party were in office, so why have the disabled residents of Burscough who use the library suddenly received the attention of Cllr Pope? Didn’t they need access until now? Just asking!


  1. Cllr Currie obviously wasn’t paying attention last night. The amendment was voted down as it was only presented on the night, therefore not allowing sufficient time to scrutinise it. However, I did say that we would bring the proposal to the next available Cabinet meeting. In its current form, it’s insufficent so it needs further discussion.

    • Cllr Currie was perhaps a little overawed by the occasion? He’s a small fish in a small party pond and one day the ward he represents might do better! But as you said “However, I did say that we would bring the proposal to the next available Cabinet meeting. In its current form, it’s insufficent so it needs further discussion” and hopefully he will do better next time. he did offer a unique response to a question on his Facebook page “Hi Moira, please be aware that my ward is Aughton and Downholland. Whilst I would love to be able to shout about every issue in West Lancashire, this is is why there are specific councillors for specific areas. When a group of councillors from a specific party vote against something that will benefit their area then this needs bringing to people’s attention. The only way to show these people what you think is at the ballot box. There is no point sending it to the MP. The council could sort this out if they wanted to but the controlling group voted against it. This needs highlighting and the residents deserve to know exactly who they are. Though for the record I do enjoy your black cat line. Mine is black and white and I love her very much. Ah, bless!

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