Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 1, 2018

Blair Screwed By Own Poll

The news that a poll by Tony Blair’s own “Institute for Global Change” reveals the vast majority of people would rather Britain leaves the EU at all costs instead of staying and re-thinking is a gift for democracy .

More than 91,000 people voted and 65% have stuck two fingers up to the arch-remoaner! This just shows how out of touch Blair really is. Establishment calls for a second referendum are way off the mark. The people voted once, their decision should be final.

But Blair on Brexit said “We should ‘undo’ this ‘historic mistake” and he told Brexitcast “if there’s any way we can undo it then we should”. Speaking to Adam Fleming, Blair said he receives “a lot of abuse and hysteria” every time he speaks out about Brexit, but he does it because he feels a “sense of obligation”. 

In 2004 Blair stated “It is time to resolve once and for all whether this country, Britain, wants to be at the centre and heart of European decision-making” and he concluded: “Let the issue be put – and let the battle be joined”. 14 years later he’s got his come-uppance and he doesn’t like it up him!


  1. Tony Bliar, the hand puppet of the Establishment. Following an illegal war that has led to the deaths of a million people. You’d think he’d have the good grace to sit back and quietly enjoy the £Millions he’s made…

    • You would wouldn’t you? But he’s still full of crap, and thinks he should share it!

  2. That gave me a chuckle. Well done the proverbial man on the Clapham omnibus.

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