The Nanny State Of Health

Public Health England (PHE)  has issued cold weather alerts and health warnings following the arrival of colder weather in some parts of England.

Further snow and ice warnings across England have prompted PHE doctors to warn people in areas likely to be affected, to plan ahead now. Forecasts from the Met Office suggest large parts of southern England will see freezing temperatures, significant snowfall and possibly even frozen rain over the next few days.

PHE’s Dr Thomas Waite said “With more cold and for some snow on the way, now is the time to think ahead. Consider what you need to stock up on. Do you need food or essential supplies such as medicines? It may be harder for some people to get out later this week when more snow arrives, so if you know someone at risk, someone with heart or lung conditions, young children or someone who is over 65, please take the time to check and see if there’s anything they need”.

Doesn’t the Health Service have better things to spend its (our) money on? Are we all without common sense? This is gratuitous in the extreme, and many of us have experienced over 70/80 winters. Many of my neighbours are over 65 and I will be knackered if I have to check on them all! But I’ll be out when THEY come to check on me!

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