Sam Currie Confession

On being asked by Richard Evans (Twitter) “Is it true WLBC has £100 million pounds in the bank?” Cllr Sam Currie  replied “Must confess Richard I’m not the portfolio holder for finance so I can’t help there. A freedom of information request could help you though. For me, this is simple though: Local councillors are there to represent our areas. And that’s what I’ll do- openly and honestly”.

So, Sam Currie, Tory, elected in Aughton & Downholland 5th May 2016 still doesn’t know what’s in the Borough Accounts, and is thus unable to help “because he isn’t the portfolio holder for finance”. Neither am I but I do know where to find it! Could Cllr Currie be handed a copy of the Borough accounts at the Full Council meeting, tonight isn’t it?

Click to access statement-2016-17-audited-version-final.pdf

4 thoughts on “Sam Currie Confession

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Total usable reserves increased by £0.736m over the course of the year to £19.891m. The Council had a total net worth of £85.696m at 31st March 2017, taking into account all of its assets and liabilities, which was an increase of £11.026m on the previous year (not cash in the bank). Cllr Currie doesn’t know this, as he seems not to know much about the council that gives him his allowance. He’s one reason why the number of councillors should be reduced by one third.

      1. wlbcarepants

        Thanks, WLR. I fully agree, so many Councillors are an utter waste of space. Even Wally himself wants less Cllrs in WLBC. Let’s hope he’s one of them!

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