Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 23, 2018

Ormskirk Car Parking Fiasco or Fair?

15 Hours ago, OWLs  showed their opinion of the new WLBC car parking charges. They even put up a poll.

“Labour councillors are proposing changes to car parking charges:
► £1 for 3 hours on all council car parks in Ormskirk;
► abolishing the free parking behind Poundstretcher;
► hiking short stay charges everywhere else.
“We’re unimpressed. The central issue is the need for improved footfall in the town centre. This seems to amount to a free extra hour for existing payers, and a £1 deterrent for those people who currently nip in for a few bits. This proposal does nothing to drive new customers to the town centre. What do you think? How does this affect you? In the poll, 63% say Poor proposal  while 37% say Good proposal  You can imagine what the local businesses think, those who want shoppers and not fleeting visitors, but the council still wants its pound of flesh off motorists while still allowing its own employees to park free all day as a job perk. How often has it been said, employees being paid by local council tax should pay a levy if they don’t use their cars for work.

And then, just 6 Hours ago, who should jump on the same bandwagon but the recalcitrant schoolboy Cllr Currie to claim “Businesses in #Ormskirk have long called for the council to find a way of increasing footfall to the town. @LabourWestLancs response? Increase car parking for anyone wishing to nip in for an hour by 42.86%”. Does he ever have an original thought? 


  1. Not surprised this is getting the thumbs down. It penalises short stayers e.g. those with doctor appointments or collecting a prescription. Burscough-Free, Skelmersdale -Free. Charges are probably needed to ensure cars don’t clog up parking spaces all day but this proposal just increases the amount the council “expect” to get from paid for parking – they might be in for a nasty surprise if takings drop as shoppers vote with their feet.

    • You are probably right, but shouldn’t we be more concerned by whether or not Ormskirk shops survive than parking income? At the end of it all we will pay council tax for a balanced budget and that will be net of all income less expenditure, parking income included.

      • Absolutely – and towns that have lower car park charges have seen increases in footfall. It needs to be part of an overall strategy with targeted promotional activity on social media and more events in town. The promotions need to include others – not just car drivers eg the train line into Ormskirk from Liverpool – all those people travelling for free unlike in our area.

      • Didn’t the Ormskirk Town Centre Strategy 2015 to 2020 address all these issues? I’ll have to look at it again, but if these issues, such as promotions, social media, advertising, help other towns then we have to try them too. As for Liverpool people travelling free, you presumably mean the elderly and disabled, this WLBC should be hanging its head in shame at its deplorable refusal to continue the travel concession after 2012. Not that it would help much to increase footfall in Ormskirk.

  2. “Free after 3” Cllr Liz Savage often spouted to the Tory controlled council. Criticisms of the Conservative rule. Now Labour have control. Free after 3? Oh no…it doesn’t work like that! Same old Labour?

    • I remember it well, a good slogan. Sometimes politicians are remembered for just that, slogans, others are remembered for insulting the public, the “nothing to offer” so what brigade. We’ve got quite a few who are “surplus to requirements”. Cut the political fat, introduce policies for growth and efficiency, put the communities first. That might work?

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