Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 23, 2018

Judge Suspends LCC/Virgin Health Service Contract

The LEP reports that “A controversial move to privatise parts of Lancashire’s health services would save just 0.07 per cent, it has been revealed. Last year Lancashire County Council announced that it was awarding the £104m contract for the Healthy Child programme to Virgin, rather than local NHS providers.

“The county council said that the bid followed a “rigorous process heavily weighted in favour of quality service”. But court documents reveal that the difference between the two bids was just 0.07 per cent – or £14,560 a year. The decision proved controversial, and Lancashire Care NHS Trust  and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals who currently run the service have launched a legal challenge against the decision.

“The process is ongoing, but Mr Justice Fraser has suspended the process of privatisation and refused the council’s appeal against the suspension. His judgement states “The competing bidders’ prices were almost identical, accounting for a difference of just 0.07 per cent in their overall scores”.

“James Rupa Unison North West Regional Organiser said “These services should remain in the NHS. The council has made a short-sighted and reckless decision in awarding such a large and important contract to Virgin. The judgement shows how privatising key services will damage our local NHS organisations and will not save the council significant money”.


  1. They should take tax into account. Which provider would pay more tax, which would support things such as services in this country rather than a clubhouse on Necker.

    • Yes, being owner and resident On Necker, with its accommodation for 30 people and rents out in total at US$65,000 a day, US$2,167 per person a day? The cost of staying includes access to two beaches, private pools, tennis courts, scenic views, a personal chef, a team of about 100 staff and a wide array of water sports equipment, and no taxation, and then along came Hurricane Irma. Ah well, money can’t buy mother nature, it just creates treasure islands from the pockets of the poor?

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