Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 22, 2018

Does Brexit Require The “Open Mind” Of Best Of Britain?

As usual the Champion Letters writers include Maurice George, who might be assumed to have a season ticket for the column. This week he wants to avoid offending people who sincerely want to leave the EU . And in his next sentence he immediately does offend leavers by including his wish “to inform your readers about a group called Best for Britain which was founded by the “highly respected” [argumentative] !! Gina Miller”. This group “aims to stop the Brexit process through rational argument …”. Mr George didn’t add “and by ignoring the democratic rights of the majority”.

I recall an old joke about a tourist in Ormskirk who asked a local for directions to Liverpool, and the local replied “Well if I were you I wouldn’t start from here”. Perhaps Mr George should be told he should have started his opposition to Brexit not from here and now but before the National Referendum, the vote in which everyone of voting age could take part to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union?

Prime Minister Theresa May put clear red lines in place so that Brexit must mean taking back control of our laws, our borders, and our economy while regaining the right to negotiate our own trade deals around the globe. She repeated them yesterday at Prime Minister’s Question Time “We are very clear that we are going to ensure that, when we leave the European Union, we are able to take back control of our borders, our money and our laws, we want to ensure that this is a country that can negotiate free trade deals around the rest of the world”.

Best for Britain is heavily funded by a foreign currency speculator who gave it £400,000 and then an additional £100,000 to support efforts to fight Brexit. Its chief executive Eloise Todd said the extra funds were a rebuff to those who said his funding for the campaign was anti-democratic. “We live in a democracy, and the right to freedom of speech is precious”. He was described as “a rich gambler … accused of meddling in the nation’s affairs”. Well, free speech is one thing subverting democracy is another, especially for a currency gambler?

The United Kingdom is one of the principal bankrollers of the EU budget, sending monstrous amounts of taxpayers’ money over to Brussels every year. Our gross membership fee of the corrupt EU was set at £17 billion in 2016! This money could undoubtedly be better spent on domestic priorities that might fund our local councils to provide services and employ sufficient staff to deliver them rather than finance ludicrous European Commission projects that frankly serve no benefit to the UK and in many cases act as blatant EU propaganda.

As an afterthought, should there ever be a recall of democratic decisions as sought by “Best for Britain”, might that give us the opportunity to get rid of councillors who sit on two councils, take full time allowances from both, vote for directly opposing green bin charging policies of the two councils , and apparently live in both councils at the same time? Just asking!

Another letter questions the urging for lowering of the voting age to 16. The writer suggests raising it instead, for what are generalised reasons. The Champion seeks to know what we think. Perhaps the attacks against elderly people who voted to leave the EU might be tempted into retaliation against Paxman, Cable, Branson et al who in their fury charge we “Elderly Brexit Martyrs” with “shafting the young”. As Cable, aged 74 puts it, “The martyrdom of the old comes cheap, since few have jobs to lose”. Those “coloured by nostalgia from an imperial past” have imposed their will on “a younger generation more comfortable with the European Union”. Put in that insulting way I for one am happy to have obliged them!

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