Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 21, 2018

Oh Dear, Isn’t Recalcitrant Sam Doing His Homework?

As we who are “represented” and I use the word loosely, by Cllr Sam Currie wonder what his “representation” of us means in terms of action in the ward on our behalf, we hear how active he is in his ongoing verbal tirades against his political opponents.

Perhaps that’s what he believes fulfils his duty towards this community, spelled out in the official WLBC “Job profile for non-Cabinet councillor. Purposes: 1 To participate in the good governance of the area. 2 To contribute to the formation and scrutiny of the authority’s policies, budget, strategies and service delivery. 3 To represent the interests of the ward for which the councillor was elected, and deal with constituents’ enquiries and representations. 4 To champion the causes which best relate to the interests and sustainability of the community and campaign for the improvement of the quality of life of the community”.

It is a simple matter to ignore Cllr Sam Currie because he doesn’t appear to do anything in his ward, Aughton & Downholland, although he did, some time ago, offer advice at an Aughton Parish Council meeting about growing daffodils ! We can obtain such advice from a garden centre or even online, without it costing us £4,840 for his annual council allowance. He makes it known he buys his pints outside the ward rather than contribute to the success of the Town Green Brasserie, the Derby Arms, or the Stanley Arms.

But he himself does not like to be ignored by Labour Leader Cllr Ian Moran. He has tweeted that “As with anything I ever ask the Labour council leader of West Lancs in public, he has ignored me. Next week is full council where he can’t ignore me. The attached is my question to him. It shouldn’t take him long to answer “no”. @Visiter @champnews @BBCNWT @BBCLancashire

“Recently, a very damning report has labelled this council as one of the worst in the country for councillors having to be reminded to pay council tax and having councillors in arrears. Does the leader think it is right that those who are in arrears and therefore owe the taxpayers money, continue to claim allowances from the very same tax payers?”

Perhaps Cllr Moran might answer “Recalcitrant schoolboys should read the detailed explanation of this matter provided by the Borough Solicitor and published in the West Lancashire Record website dated 19 February 2018”.

In another matter on which Cllr Currie has opined, that of “ridiculous and false allegations” he suggests “So I imagine you’ll be suing @TelegraphNews for defamation of character then? If somebody made “ridiculous and false allegations” about me that I could disprove then I know that I would…”

WLR suggests Cllr Currie should look very close to home, the West Lancashire Conservative Party, for evidence of “ridiculous and false allegations”, evidence that includes an admission of it and that was circulated locally. The full details of the case are sure to be published in due course.

NB Cllr Currie has stated today “Had the pleasure of working with a councillor colleague today that I wouldn’t often have cause to work with. Party politics must come a very distant second to residents needs and I thank the excellent ward councillor @CC4BirchGreen for having the same mindset! Here’s to next time!” You couldn’t make him up?

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