Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 21, 2018

LCC Tory Councillor Under “Sexist” Investigation

Meet Conservative County and South Ribble Councillor Jim Marsh , or perhaps you would rather not? His LCC Division is Lostock Hall & Bamber Bridge. In South Ribble he has represented Coupe Green and Gregson Lane Ward, since 2004.

It’s reported on the BBC that “Councillor Marsh is being investigated over an alleged “sexist” comment he made in response to a young woman’s claim she was sexually harassed in her car. Writing on Facebook, the young woman had claimed she was harassed by a man as she sat in her car at a petrol station in Walton-le-Dale.
Marsh is alleged to have responded on his own Facebook page “Just looked at her picture. Can’t blame him really. Lol” and it is hard to deny that allegation…

“The Conservative, who sits on South Ribble Council and Lancashire County Council, declined to comment when approached by the BBC. South Ribble council said it was investigating a complaint about him.

“The young woman received several messages of support, but Mr Marsh’s comment prompted angry responses. One Facebook user pointed out the woman was aged 18 and the councillor 65, and said: “I suggest you refrain from such comments or you may look like what we call a perv!” Another user added: “What a stupid thing to say when someone was scared and anxious and trying to warn others.

“What a strange man. Aren’t you supposed to be a respected councillor?” Alas, those two words, “respected” and “councillor” are often not used in the same sentence.

“Independent councillor Paul Wharton, who complained to South Ribble Council, accused Mr Marsh of having an “outdated sexist attitude”. In a letter to the council’s Conservative group, he said the woman had “suffered arguably a traumatic experience” and he found the matter “very disturbing”.

He should do, as in the highest political level of all, Westminster,  heads have rolled and careers ended by such behaviour as this. Why should this case be any different? Perhaps we might soon learn of his loss of the Tory County whip while the accusation is investigated? 

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