Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 20, 2018

Council Announces £1 A Pop For 3 Hours Ormskirk Parking

The Labour led WLBC has answered the concerns of business leaders in its Ormskirk Town Centre Strategy to have a parking regime that will encourage visitors to Ormskirk. They’ve stated “Council Leader Ian Moran  is very pleased to announce that following the above review, the ruling Labour Group is set to approve proposals to have a uniform charging schedule across Ormskirk’s Car Parks of £1 for 3 hours.

“Following feedback from the business community, this was felt to be the best way of attracting more visitors to Ormskirk Shops and services and also to increase the amount of time spent by the average visitor. Although the recommendations also include the charging of Blue badge holders, Labour are set to exclude these from charges in order to monitor the effect over the next year as we wish to maximise the visitor numbers to encourage more people to come to Ormskirk.”

They add “As part of the Ormskirk Town Centre Strategy the Council has been in discussions with local businesses to discuss measures/initiatives that might improve the vitality and attractiveness of Ormskirk to shoppers and other visitors. From those discussions, it is clear that local businesses consider that the Council should review the current pay and display charging structure to make it more simple, consistent and easily understandable, i.e. through the implementation of a common charge across all the Town Centre pay & Display Car Parks.

“They have also indicated that the current car parking regime does not encourage visitors to stay for an extended period and suggested that the vitality of the town centre would be helped by the introduction of low cost parking for short stay shoppers/visitors. As a result of these discussions a suggestion of a car parking charge of £1 for 3 hours was put forward by a local business group, and the listening Labour Group are responding positively to those calls” .


  1. So an end to free parking on the council car park behind Poundstretcher and a big rise at Hants Lane. Can’t see this helping the town centre at all.

    • Hmm…it is what local businesses called for. There is a detailed explanation in the Full Council agenda for next week. It includes “Having considered the representations of local businesses, I am of the view that the Council should amend its town centre pay and display car parking charges to provide a uniform and simple approach across all the town centre car parks, incorporating a £1 for 3hrs promotional charge…6.2 As can be gathered from the above, the implementation of a £1 for 3 hours car park charge would increase the charge for users only wishing to stay for 1 hour maximum, however, reduce the 2 and 3 hour charges. In looking at the charge across the 3 hours this equates to a charge of circa 33p per hour, which is inexpensive considering the standard of the parking facilities on offer”.

    • 30p ‘a big rise?’ across the board it will be 33p per hour – incredibly cheap when compared to any other Car parks in the vicinity, come on, credit where credit is due – theres just no pleasing some!

      • Cllr Hodson has a point, and this policy is tending towards a reversal of a trend that sees Council charges exceeding inflation and some incomes. The detail also includes some help for Blue Badge Holders, which in my book is a winner.

  2. Readers may wish to contrast the above policy with what the Tory Administration is doing over in South Ribble as well as read some of the more ‘interesting’ comments from the always sensitive Conservatives!

    • As I understand the new WLBC parking policy, it will only be introduced if the budget is accepted by Full Council next week. That might be the time for “sensitive Conservatives” who have yet to identify themselves to us to make comments of interest to us?

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