Did you read about Frau Merkel saying Germany ‘deplores’ Brexit? I bet she does, as she reflects on the German balance of trade that gives her a £26billion surplus from the UK, now at risk .

Chancellor Angela Merkel made a dig at Brexit during a press conference with Britain’s Theresa May in Berlin, saying she “deplores” it. “We basically have not changed our stance on Britain leaving the European Union,” she told the assembled journalists. “In fact, we deplore it”. Frau Merkel added, however, that she wanted to establish a “constructive position” in the Brexit negotiations, “because we want to have as close as possible partnership with Britain after they have left the European Union. Both economically and politically”.

The leaders of the EU’s national governments have begun to panic about the consequences if Britain walks away from the negotiations, abandons its plans for a so-called ‘transition’ period, and makes a clean Brexit, depriving the bloc of a British financial settlement and leaving it insolvent.

For example, a proposed ‘punishment clause’ proposed by the European Commission which would have allowed the EU to impose sanctions and trade restrictions on the United Kingdom if Brussels decided it had broken the terms of the ‘transition’ agreement has been dropped, after leading Brexiteers such as Jacob Rees-Mogg came out and said Britain would not “roll over”.

While Central European EU members such as Poland and Hungary have been the most pragmatic is thought they are concerned about establishing a constructive relationship with Britain, recognising Britain’s economic importance as the EU’s number one export market, Western countries like Germany are being brought round by the dawning realisation of the black hole which Brexit will leave in the bloc’s finances, and which they will be expected to make up.

No problem, just ask Frau Merkel to sort it, we “British Deplorables” are not willing to.

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