Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 13, 2018

Cone Crazy?

Yesterday the Independent County Councillor for West Lancashire (East) Paul Greenall reported on a pothole in his bailiwick and he tweeted “Spotted this tonight at the junction of Scarth Hill Lane and New Lane in Aughton. I’ve referred it to @LancashireCC as I believe it’s dangerous”. It’s shown here 

As it happened I was passing today and noted the cone on the grass verge while the road surface at the corner itself was flooded . I was informed locally that LCC attended the pothole and did some filling work. If that was the case why was the cone which I understand can cost circa £7 each left at the scene rather than be recycled to another pothole? And what was the cost of a repair that immediately flooded again?

Elsewhere in Aughton things are no better, as we noted a cone in a dangerous place on Parrs Lane . Is this a site that needs immediate repair rather than a cone that causes a vehicular change of direction just after a busy and dangerous bend possibly into oncoming traffic?

The junction of Whalley Drive with Town Green Lane was at its worst today as floods covered the pavement  and part of the road . Pedestrians needed to avoid the area and cross the road leading them into a possible traffic hazard

Also retaining its pothole but with a new cone was Bold Lane , at yet another dangerous bend on a bus route too. But no cone yet on the Granville Park pothole exposing the granite sets that formed the old road surface at its Delph Lane point.

The company manufacturing cones, Swintex Ltd, now Melba Swintex, is Bury based and has been a private company with one shareholder who must have been laughing all the way to the bank. The company’s turnover has risen from £12.6m in 2016 to £16m in 2017, with profits in the same period almost doubling to over £2.1m. In this time employment has increased to 161 employees on-site. Surely growth is bound to continue while LCC is buying cones?

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