The WLBC Director of Development and Regeneration Services has written to his apparent counterpart at LCC to respond as a Consultee for a Scoping Opinion for hydraulic fracking at Great Altcar to last for “temporary, albeit 20 months” of noise, no definitive limits on day time or night time working, lighting, air quality, contamination, ecological interests, and aviation .

The WLBC Directorate of Leisure and Wellbeing is satisfied via its Principal Environmental Health Officer. It remains only for WLBC to receive a copy of the LCC Committee Report and Decision Notice for the application. Done and dusted, you might presume ?

There is no evidence from public papers so far revealed of involvement or interest from any WLBC Aughton & Downholland elected members .

WARD:- Aughton And Downholland PARISH:- Great Altcar Application: SCP/2018/0001 Decision: Scoping Opinion Issued Proposal: County Matter – Scoping opinion request for the construction of a well pad, drilling and hydraulic fracturing of two exploratory boreholes, testing procedures and restoration of the site. Location: Land At The North-Eastern End Of, Suttons Lane, Great Altcar where grey pheasants feed, Lancashire, Applicant: Aurora Energy Resources Limited. That will be a YES from the Tory County then?

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