Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 4, 2018

Election Pay For Chief Executive Already On £124,186

While Council Chief Officers receive huge salaries often beyond the comprehension of council tax payers they also act as Election Returning Officers and receive fees for that duty. But while they do that duty they are not at their normal place of work. They are being paid twice for the same day. Is that fair? Our WLBC Chief Executive receives a salary of £124,186, shortly to be increased by 2% . Plus “Returning Officer Fee”.

Over at Wyre Borough Council, famous for the other part-time councillor status of Paul “Underpants” Moon, it seems a resident there is cross about the same situation. It is usual for any council Chief Executive to be the Returning Officer, but that doesn’t justify double payment.

So a letter has been submitted to Wyre Council under Freedom of Information, as follows; Dear Wyre Borough Council

It has come to my attention Garry Payne receives an allowance of approx £3,000-£5,000 for a days work for each time he acts as a Returning Officer during election times, whether County, Borough, or Local.

This is in addition to his tax-payer funded salary from Wyre Council of in excess of £120,000 I’m further led to believe, and is effectively a payment he receives on days he’s paid to work for the council.

What I am writing to ask is for confirmation of the aforementioned payment, how often this has been paid during his tenure at Wyre Council, his full salary, his expenses, his allowances, and a copy of his Contract of Employment, so the tax-paying public can transparently see what he is contractually obliged to fulfil on behalf of those who pay for it.

I look forward to your prompt response and the overdue responses from the previously ignored requests, even though these place you in breach of the FOI Act!

Yours faithfully, Ashley Sorensen

The outcome of this matter will be interesting, probably to tell us the cash comes from Central Government. The source will still be taxation though!

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