Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 2, 2018

Progress On Parrs Lane Hearing

The Parrs Lane Public Inquiry continued with the 5 year land supply and sites being discussed. WLBC are still standing firm.

The Inspector is making a site visit  at 08.30 tomorrow (Friday) and will be accompanied by the developers agent and WLBC representative. Colin Atkinson is also attending together with Irene Roberts from Aughton Parish Council and Aughton Park Ward Councillor Marilyn Westley. [This will surprise some residents who may not be familiar with someone who represents them by a calling card system, ie you call her!]

After the visit the inquiry will resume at 1100 at the WLBC offices in Ormskirk. It is expected that the barristers will deliver their closing speeches and the inquiry finishing on Friday afternoon. Those speeches are crucial and should be of interest. 

There are seats available in the public area to watch and listen to the proceedings.

Mr Atkinson and Aughton remain hopeful for a favourable result at this point in time. Defeat for greedy developers sitting on huge land banks would be favourable. In support of the opposition WLR published this letter, below, last June, which says it all. It should be read out to the Public Inquiry Inspector!

“As an elderly resident living a short distance from this subjective planning application and following receipt of the notification regarding a further appeal, I wanted to put into writing again my greatest concerns, if this were to be ruled in favour of the Appellant.

“Firstly, the continuing volume of traffic in both directions, traversing Long Lane, from groups of cyclists to the other end of the spectrum like super large tractors towing even larger trailers.

“This road like many in West Lancashire, is two lane carriageway and is always littered with parked vehicles on both sides, especially outside Aughton Park station, often double parked, which causes complete gridlock and a serious threat to pedestrians on the narrow pavements and more particularly bus passengers waiting at the designated stop, just further down from the station entrance.

“Having been one of these people on a regular basis, it is, on occasions, a breath holding moment when these very heavy vehicles and fast cars, try to beat the other when travelling in opposite directions, then the only way of avoiding a collision is to use the footpath. Residents on this road must also fear for their property also due to these inconsiderate drivers.

“My issue is that there is no room for expansion or high increase in the volume of traffic, which in my opinion, would be the result if this application were to be passed.

“Secondly, I would be interested to know the anticipated cost of the homes to be built. Will there be any for young people to be able to afford , or will they just be for the super-rich as are many new properties being constructed in Aughton already? Ormskirk town centre has been monopolised by landlords supplying rented accommodation to a large number of students, thereby creating a situation which prevents first time buyers accessing the property ladder, due to lack of affordable housing.

“Once again we will be forced to consider that this developer, having produced ‘another set of record results’ will successfully steer Parrs Lane through the planning system. Redrow states ‘We are fiercely proud of the contribution we make to local economies and encouraging the establishment of sustainable communities’ even when those communities like ours don’t want them!”

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