Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 31, 2018

Around Aughton Today

Following news of the demise of Aughton Spar  comes news of another imminent Aughton shop sale or closure. The Aughton News shop at Long Lane/Parrs Lane junction  is already operating on reduced opening hours and its owner has confirmed he will be leaving the business.

Meanwhile the Spar is being stripped of its stock and fittings. The National Lottery equipment  has gone today, while inside can be seen piles of newspapers that were never sold. The Cockbeck Co-op will probably be rejoicing at the Spar closure and loss of competition apart from the niche S Huyton.

We describe Aughton today as somewhat scruffy and unkempt as austerity takes its toll on services we all fund with council tax. It can be dangerous too, if you drive from Granville Park into Delph Lane, with its appalling pot holed road surface down below the old cobblestones and its road grids on the lower half towards Granville Park full of rubbish. We have five local Aughton councillors, probably three more than we need, but just one should be reporting on these dangerous potholes. We live in hope!

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