Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 29, 2018

Moon Still Prominent In Wyre?

Wyre Council appoints a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor every year at its Annual Meeting in May. The Mayor is considered as the First Citizen of the borough. The only exception to this rule is when Royalty or the Lord Lieutenant visits the borough. It might be considered an honour to be nominated, or devalued depending on who that nomination might be.

Readers will remember that Tory Cllr Paul Moon quit Wyre Council’s ruling cabinet some years ago after throwing a dog “poop scoop’ bag at a member of the public, following a council chamber debate on dog control orders. The bag that resembled canine faeces hit dog-lover and pensioner Mrs Irene Horner. The poop scoop bag incident was witnessed by several councillors and some of the 45 members of the public, mainly dog owners, who attended the Wyre cabinet. A shocked Mrs Horner said it was disgraceful behaviour from a cabinet councillor, which only served to bring the council into disrepute.

Moon stepped down from his £8,000 a year post as cabinet member with responsibility for street scene’ matters. Moon commented that “the use of the visual aid backfired quite horrendously. I apologised to the members of the public, and to try and alleviate the problem I resigned from the role of street scene portfolio holder. Two years earlier Moon put a pair of underpants on his head  during a mayoral meeting, which in itself was an insult to the office.

It’s now reported by the Wyre Council Residents Concerns and Action Group that “I see your group are rightly having a pop at Paul ‘Two Seat’ Moon. For your information he has just declined the position of Mayor of Wyre for Municipal Year 2018-19 (salary £9,243). He was only fourth in line but two Conservatives and one Labour Cllr turned it down before he was offered the Mayoralty (His non-acceptance most likely had something to do with the stick he would have deservedly got from your group). Following Moon declining, a further two Labour Cllrs have rejected the position. That’s SIX in total having declined it so far. I think the unreasonable cost of having a Ceremonial Mayor may finally be hitting home. Not so long ago, I remember a time when people would have been proud to have accepted this role, and represent WBC”.

And, it is reported in minutes of Wyre Borough Council Planning Meeting Wednesday 6 December 2017 at the Civic Centre, Poulton-le-Fylde. “PA.35 Election of Vice Chairman. Councillor Shaun Turner had notified his intention to stand down as Vice Chairman of the committee in the light of his significant workload commitments at Lancashire County Council. RESOLVED that Councillor Paul Moon be appointed Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee for the remainder of the municipal year 2017/18”.

This places Moon within a whisker of the Chair, with a juicy Special Responsibility Allowance of £6,204. Will we WLBC council tax payers see even less of Two-hatter Moon than we do at present? So what, you might think? Quite!


  1. The guy’s actions and behaviour in public meetings and office highlight how crass and insensitive his appointment is. What an absolutely disgrace.

    • He is a disgrace to public office. He deliberately threw an imitation dog turd at a pensioner, in a council meeting he had to ask what “misogynist” meant, and he wore underpants on his head at a council meeting. Seems like a perfect local Tory choice of candidate for one of their safe seats, never mind two of them?

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