Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 27, 2018

So Skelmersdale Is Let Down Again

As it becomes known there is no funding available to make use of the Glenburn 3G pitch, Our West Lancashire  believes “Surely the obvious thing would be to turn these pitches over to a community group in the town on a peppercorn rent. OK the site might eventually be needed for a rail station but in the meantime to let this facility go to waste is verging on criminal. What do you think? Let us know” .

Unless my memory is faulty I thought there is a requirement for Sport England to have a say in these matters? Sport England had a role in development control, being a statutory consultee on planning applications and development control matters involving the loss of existing or former playing fields. Sport England was concerned with the protection and enhancement of other sports facilities (both built and non-built) and ensuring adequate provision of new and improved facilities as part of new developments, and it expected to be consulted on any proposal resulting in the creation or loss of a major sports facility.

If that is still in place why hasn’t someone invoked the development control? Or maybe it was revoked? Looking at the picture, and being in Skelmersdale where not much seems to matter any more, it looks ripe for handing over to Serco Leisure Services and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd for a huge landfill site and a substandard foot golf facility, this is how good they are  at it!

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