Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 25, 2018

WLBC New Management Structure, No New Member Structure

In October 2011 the introduction of joint managing director roles at West Lancashire Council was “part of cost-cutting measures”, as former Chief Executive Bill Taylor took voluntary redundancy and the post was scrapped. The council said the change would save £165,000 a year. It lasted four years until October 2015 when Gill Rowe retired. And that was to save money too as we got, guess what, a Chief Executive!

And now, while a new management structure comes into force at West Lancashire Borough Council  there will be no new Member structure. There will still be 54 elected members for only 25 wards. Saving the council tax payers more than £100,000 a year on management costs is fine. Saving the council tax payers zilch on member costs is wrong.

And while the number of directorates will be reduced from four to three with services that were provided by the Council’s Leisure and Wellbeing Service being moved into the other directorates, how many directorate deputies will there be? Are they to be reduced too? The three directorates will be: • Development and Regeneration Services • Housing and Inclusion Services, and • Leisure and Environment Services.

The directorates will continue to be supported by Legal and Democratic, and Finance and Human Resources Services, two essential officers and staff. Councillor Ian Moran Leader of the Council, said “The revised management structure will drive forward our priorities while also delivering much-needed savings in the face of continued government reductions to local authority funding. I look forward to working with the team to meet our ambitions for West Lancs and bring improvements for residents and businesses across the Borough”. Any time soon it will be impossible to look at a service in West Lancashire that hasn’t been reduced, including all the LCC services we pay for.

So when will we have what has often been mentioned, a reduction in the number of elected members, from 54 to 36? As the management and services contract, why do Ashurst, Aughton & Downholland, Derby, Knowsley, Scott, Skelmersdale South, Tarleton, and UpHolland all have three members? If Bickerstaffe, Halsall, Newburgh, and Rufford only need one each why should others have more? It’s time to justify just how many members we really need. Years ago we used to read about “councillor walks” when councillors walked their wards and reported back on the state roads and facilities were in. Have you ever seen one of your councillors doing that? No, me neither!


  1. Local golf courses are full to the brim with indispensable councillors..

    • Probably…one of them, Paul Moon who is a part-time West Lancs and part-time Wyre two hatter has a share in Knott End Golf Course, perhaps he might better improving his handicap there than handicapping West Lancashire?

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