Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 24, 2018

WLBC Failing Its Governance Of The Beacon Park Golf Course Leisure Contract

Are WLBC and its leisure services partner Serco Leisure Operating Ltd  running a “fake news” programme about the appalling state of the so called new facilities at Beacon Park Golf Course, the 9Hole course and the Foot Golf course, both now still undeveloped on mountains of landfill? Both have been declared to need re-profiling. A check on the West Lancashire Community Leisure publication today for the Beacon Park Golf centre claims “About Us 

“Beacon Park Golf Centre is a well maintained golfing facility located right in the heart of West Lancashire. The whole family can tee off and enjoy a round of golf on our 18 Hole Par 72 course.

“The Driving Range at Beacon Park Golf Centre is the only under cover floodlit range in the local area. Why not come along and practice your swing in one of the 22 bays. Whether you are a budding pro or a beginner, we can cater for you, from four years old or ability. Our team of leisure assistants are on hand to ensure your visit is a safe one as well as an enjoyable one”.

Even the most basic governance check by visit of a junior WLBC officer would disprove the nonsensical claims about there being a “driving range” and “our team of leisure assistants”. It is fake news, and a deplorable deception .

Questions to WLBC Will you provide me with an outline of the timescale for the work required on the 9hole course, which as far as I have seen was recently being marked out for holes etc? Serco have yet to advise West Lancashire Borough Council (WLBC) of the outline timescales and how they intend to approach the re profiling.

Can you let me know where the landfill will be removed to and at whose expense? Serco have yet to advise WLBC of how they intend to approach the re-profiling, however this will not be at the expense of WLBC.

Does this proposed re-profiling need a variation of the existing planning permission? Until information is provided by Serco as to how they intend to approach the re profiling, WLBC are unable to comment on whether it will require a variation of the existing planning permission.

The original Foot Golf landfill was undertaken by Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd as the planning permission holder. Is it the case that they will now re-profile it and what is the timescale? Serco will continue to work in partnership with Oakland’s in order to finalise the re profiling, however as indicated above WLBC are currently unaware of the proposed approach and timescales.

I understand there have been lapses in service, including no heating, no Sky TV, and for some weeks no beer available at the bar. Is WLBC aware of these matters? I can confirm that I was not aware of the problems highlighted in your email, however in the first instance facility users should raise day to day operational concerns with the on site management. In the event of an unsatisfactory response the matter should be escalated to the Serco Contract Manager. If the matter remained unresolved then it should be brought the attention of West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust. If the matter continued to be unresolved it should be referred to WLBC who would seek to identify a satisfactory resolution. Regular dialogue does take place between the three partners in order to resolve customer complaints and I have since referred this matter to the Serco Contract Manager and brought it to the attention of the Chair of the West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust.

What steps is the borough taking to monitor the delivery of the contract by Serco Leisure Services? Regular scheduled meetings take place to ensure contract performance is monitored, which are facilitated by West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust.

Would you be kind enough to supply me with the minutes of the two meetings? Minutes of these meetings were not taken.

So much for governance of the management of some of the Beacon Park Golf Course facilities, now the subject of derision by those who are bothered to visit them. 

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