Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 23, 2018

Stand And Deliver For Your Community

Our West Lancashire  is asking “Do you want to stand up for your local community and the interests of local residents?

“In May, local elections will be held to elect 18 new councillors in areas across West Lancashire. In June or July, councillors will start the process of deciding where thousands of new homes will be built in West Lancashire. Labour and Conservatives whip their councillors to follow an agreed party line on this. Only Independent councillors can make sure that the voice of their local area is properly heard without party dictat.

“Our West Lancashire is looking for Council candidates who want to serve their local community. You could be part of the growing, supportive and friendly Our West Lancashire team of councillors and campaigners. If you are interested in finding out more about what’s involved, we would like to hear from you”.

It is coincidental that OWL raises the issue of where thousands of new homes will be built here while the new Public Inquiry into Parrs Lane is about to start. As we all know, party politics played its part in the current Local Plan. Who can forget the dirty deals involving the election of a Tory candidate in Derby Ward by the avoidance at all costs of building on Altys Lane? The “missing influential letter to Leader Cllr Grant” recorded in Council Minutes yet never found and made public? The Aughton Parish Council one word response “Support”? Westley’s “lies told on the doorsteps” outrageous and untrue claim. So much for OUR community!

But just as important is the utter scandal that WLBC is now involved in, the matter of sewage and surface flooding and rumours of United Utilities pleading poverty over upgrading drainage capacities near planned developments in the borough. If the rumour of UU refusing to spend around £30million alone on upgrading just one area that is simply regurgitating foul sewage until it ultimately lifts cast iron covers and grids allowing raw sewage into gardens and homes is true, then WLBC and LCC will face major criticism and backlash for not fighting it. If, perish the thought, this disgrace continues, UU might be hauled before Parliament to explain how in year ending March 2017 its profits increased to £622.9million against £605million.  What a policy, making more profit by regurgitating crap around public streets and private homes!

And just in case you missed it here is the latest UU Statement on its website  ;
“Vulnerability and Affordability Report 2016/17 – help for those who need it most-Providing support for customers in vulnerable circumstances is more important than ever and we have a duty to continuously strive to improve services, perhaps by interacting with customers in a face-to face environment, and working with partner organisations to engage those people who seem hardest to reach. However, this isn’t simply about ‘us doing’ and ‘us giving’; it’s about empowering our customers so that they have the tools to access the services they want and need.

Our new report lays out our framework for assisting customers in vulnerable circumstances, including what we are doing now and how we aim to continue to develop this in the future through our own initiatives and by working with other specialist charities and organisations.

This is the first in what we intend to be an annual review of our progress in providing vulnerability and affordability services. By publishing this report we hope to prompt further engagement with other service providers and organisations, and promote open discussion and collaboration to improve the support that is offered to customers who need it most”.


  1. I look forward to any candidate who will actually support and get properly involved in taking UU to task and get flood reduction and drainage solutions for Burscough and Halsall rather than standing back and doing nothing for residents, sadly I’m not holding my breath.

    • Residents affected by these despicable drain/sewage standards ought to be able to rely on WLBC Governance activity, of which there is none! The Audit & Governance Committee minutes show that Audit is the only subject discussed.

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