Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 21, 2018

Comical Cllr Currie

Currie tweets “I would ask for an explanation from @rosie4westlancs as to why she voted against the EU bill last night but it’s pointless. A phoney who- at best- mislead the residents of #westlancs last June. Putting party politics before residents wishes. Again”.

Well, Cllr Currie, whose party put politics before the wishes of the Aughton residents who fought and remain fighting without your support against the inclusion of Parrs Lane/Prescot Road in the local development plan? Whose party led to the demand of Wainhomes and Redrow to build up to 400 homes and other uses on Parrs Lane/Prescot Road? Whose party now watches while the Borough Council defends this outrageous development on some of Aughton’s finest agricultural land? Whose party condemns residents of Aughton to the possibility of such a village within a village without infrastructure to match 800 plus new residents, their children without schools to go to, and their two cars per household driving on dangerous and inadequate roads?

It’s the party you “represent” in Aughton & Downholland, and I use the term “represent” lightly, as I remind you it’s the party whose current leader called us liars. When did you put the wishes of we residents before your abysmal local party? Your tweet above is comical, as comical as your foot in your mouth comments. Not to mention hypocritical..


  1. Well said Alan,the little s**t.

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