Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 19, 2018

Burscough Pub To Care Home Without Drainage Assessment?

From Burscough Flood Group-Comment on planning application: 2017/1000/FUL. Construction of a C2 care home (plus associated access, parking and landscaping etc) following demolition of the existing buildings .  Decision RECOMMENDATION: APPROVE subject to conditions. 

“Burscough Parish Council asked me to comment on the flooding aspects of the recent care home application referenced above.

“As a resident living on the A59, I know that the A59 always floods when it rains heavily and the gutters often become streams for virtually the entire length from Ormskirk to the Canal Bridge area in Burscough (see Figure 4). The A59 sewer is also known to surcharge continuously during storms at a point very close to the development (see Figure 1).

“In addition, Burscough Flood Record Report for Burscough Parish Council indicates (see the extract in Figure 6): Residents on the A59, Manor estate and Springfield Close have suffered regular flooding and near misses for many years from UUs sewers; The Manor estates sewers can overflow and add to the normal flood on the A59 at the Manor Lane/A59 junction. The Manor Lane flows onto the A59 look particularly nasty and BFG believe that this is because it was a pure foul sewer surcharge. A considerable number of residents downstream of the development between the A5209/A59 junction and the Higgins lane/A59 suffer from groundwater flooding of their rear gardens, as documented in Burscough Flood Record Report for Burscough Parish Council.

“BFG know that the above problem is probably because the area sits on a highly active aquifer whose level has been rising for the last ten years and believe that this problem, combined with the known surface water flooding problems on the adjacent farmland, means surface water drainage using soakaway is likely to be impossible.

“Because of its hydraulic inadequacy the A59 sewer is very likely to be surcharging, the development’s foul drain either won’t operate in storms and sewage won’t leave the building, or sewage will enter the building from UU’s sewer, or sewage will leave the building normally but will be deposited on the A59.

“In addition, the application has left open the possibility (because there are no suitable alternatives) that the development could either: 1. Discharge surface water into the foul sewer on the A59. 2. Discharge to one of UU’s surface water sewers which drain the Springfield, Meadowbrook and Manor estates – all of which flow water into the watercourse behind the Meadowbrook estate which then runs parallel to the A59 down under Higgins Lane into the Truscott estate.

“Scenario 1 would cause additional flooding on the A59 or the development itself because of the problems described above; and Scenario 2 would cause additional flooding on Higgins Lane, Truscott Road and Furnival Drive, because of hydraulic inadequacy, see section 3.2 of WLBC Flood Studies Investigation July 2010 and the relevant parts of Burscough Flood Record Report for Burscough Parish Council which has recorded that residents there are suffering from a long term recurring flooding problem. Note that the asterixis on Figure 6 indicate which of UUs pipes are hydraulically inadequate.

“Finally, it would appear that WLBC wishes the application to be passed without going through committee or the entire detail of the drainage strategy being published first. This is a great concern because WLBC were sent Burscough Flood Record Report for Burscough Parish Council (which is a public document held by Burscough Parish Council) as was Lancashire County Council. Both councils also had copies of WLBC Flood Studies Investigation July 2010, yet, from their responses to this application we can see that neither used the very useful detail in those documents. Surely, either the LLFA and/or the LPA in their roles as Flood Risk Managers should have utilised and published such relevant flooding information on the portal with the application?”.

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