Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 15, 2018

Part-Time Councillor Shouldn’t Claim Full Allowances

What would we council tax payers think if WLBC officers worked part time for WLBC and part time for Wyre Borough Council? Would we pay them full time wages and accept that Wyre would also pay them full time wages? Of course not. Should we also accept borough councillors wearing two hats and being county councillors? Of course not, but they do it regardless, and some take “special responsibility allowances” too. They might not though if we reduced the number of WLBC councillors from 54 to 36, starting with Aughton & Downholland and Aughton Park?

Cllr Adrian Owens writes on his blog

“My views on Councillor Paul Moon  the councillor who remains a Borough councillor in both West Lancashire and Wyre are well-known (see here and here), but given his recent performance, I am raising another concern. His attendance record at West Lancashire is only 33% over the past 6 months (15 July 2017-15 January 2018) having missed 4 out of 6 meetings in West Lancashire.

“In July, when he missed the full council meeting in Ormskirk one of his colleagues informed me that he was on holiday. Fair enough perhaps, we all deserve a holiday. However, there are only 6 or 7 full council meetings each year – the most important meetings of the council and the dates are known many months in advance. Councillors are summoned to Full Council Meetings, not invited, and holidays can easily be fitted around this duty.

“On 28th September, he was absent again, this time from the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee. This time the reason was that, not for the first time, he once again had a diary clash with a Wyre council meeting. He must have felt that Wyre took precedence and attended the meeting of the council there that evening. I’ve seen no explanation from Cllr Moon to his electors in Hesketh Bank as to why their interests played second fiddle to his electors north of the Ribble.

“Quite evidently, Cllr Moon is not able to adequately fulfil his duties to both of his electorates. His attendance continues to be among the worst on West Lancashire Borough council.

“Last year he took his full councillor allowances from both councils. If he won’t do the decent thing and resign from one of these councillor positions, he should at least take a pay cut and take only a half allowance from each. I’m not holding my breath”.

“American politicians do anything for money…English politicians take the money and won’t do anything.” Stephen Leacock


  1. Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. Moon MUST go.

    • I think, if my memory serves me well, that around 88% of responses to a local survey thought that Moon should go. They showed good judgement, but there is no way to recall him and allow a suitable candidate to stand. It stinks!

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