Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 13, 2018

Are These Village Councillors For Real?

While we who suffer local council representation by people like Sam Currie, Wally Westley, and David O’Toole, who are seldom seen “being councillors” in Aughton & Downholland, the state of our area just gets worse. Scruffy and unkempt, neglected, it’s as shabby as our representation. If ever there was a case for councillor reductions, it is here in Aughton & Downholland. They receive annually a collective £17,915 and we would be better to see that spent on paying a ward road cleaner! 5 councillors for 2 wards is ridiculous.

This  is the state of the grid at the Aughton Surgery pavement on Town Green Lane. When it rains it floods, which is quite often.

And this  is the overgrown pavement on Prescot Road near its junction with Town Green Lane, reduced to single pedestrian walking, pushing prams, using wheelchairs, due to neglect that councillors should address.  Well, we might just as well be represented by locally grown turnips! What are Sam Currie, Wally Westley, and David O’Toole doing for the ward they are paid to represent ? Not a lot, and by reading what follows you get the drift of the stupidity of one of them.

Sam Currie tweets; Elected #westlancs Cllr @LizSavagelabour on average tweets five times more about Southport than she does about her own borough. Will she be standing down this May.

Mary Jones‏ @jones22_Replying to @Samuel_P_Currie @LizSavagelabour @LabourWestLancs No she won’t, @Samuel_P_Currie but, if she did, rest assured that your party wouldn’t replace her! Bad enough dealing with the privatisation your Party has forced on West Lancs with Virgin Health Care

Sam Currie‏ @Samuel_P_Currie Replying to @jones22_mary @LizSavagelabour @LabourWestLancs Thank you for your response, Mary. Regardless of party politics I believe that West Lancs residents deserve cllrs who are committed to them and not focussing their efforts elsewhere. I’m sure you would agree with this.

So, Sam, tell us about your drinking buddy, Wyre and WLBC Tory Cllr Paul Moon . Is he someone you believe is “committed to West Lancs and not focussed elsewhere”, Wyre perhaps, or just on two full-time councillor allowances for the part-time fun of it and bugger the electorate? Double standards, perhaps?


  1. and Councillor Stephenson’s input?

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