Posted by: westlancashirerecord | January 9, 2018

Knowing Your Pratt From Your Marsh

Not to be outdone by the national Conservative gaff of there being two party chairs in one day, the latest local Tory WallyCon website gaff comes with the news that they don’t know their Pratt from their Marsh.

As you can see here  they’ve published “Dave Marsh-Deputy Chairman for Membership and Fundraising” followed by details of “George Pratt…”. Perhaps it is a general party malaise? Last night they were holding a local executive meeting although we suspect it was more quiz than executive… We hear that Marsh is standing as the Conservative Candidate for Upholland in the Borough Elections in May 2018. He lives in Skelmersdale. NB…the Tory website has been altered, Mr Pratt is history!


  1. Ha ha ha! Can those idiots not do ANYTHING right?

    • It’s the leadership. They are heading into oblivion here in West Lancashire and we can only wonder what will happen to them in May.

  2. Pratt: noun. 1) An incompetent or stupid person; an idiot. 2) A person’s buttocks (16th century). 3) A loud mouthed jumped-up nonentity, deluded by feelings of adequacy. Easily manipulated by his superiors via a pat on the head.

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