Who Does Mr Jonker Send His Flooded Drains Bill To?

As reported in the Champion , Ormskirk resident David Jonker is no longer expecting LCC to attend to the persistent and severe flooding at his property and is now paying for surveyors to do what he claims LCC should do, investigate the problem. He’s discovered an unknown buried culvert carrying surface water from local fields under his and his neighbour’s gardens, and he claims LCC has stopped returning his calls about it.

Apart from the survey, David Jonker has shifted 13 tonnes of soil and bought new pipes to replace old ones. All of this mess follows on from the Boxing Day 2015 floods. In November 2016 LCC published the “West Lancashire District Flood Report and Recommended Actions”  document including “Following a flood event, all risk management authorities should work together to identify common methods for managing flood risk in the affected communities. They should also work together to identify opportunities for quick wins; site specific investigations; studies and/or major investment projects which may be required in response to the flood event. Where there is scope for future works, this should be commenced at the earliest opportunity”.

It states “Ormskirk-76 properties are known to have suffered from internal flooding at this location on 26th December 2015. Preliminary reports indicate that the primary source of the flooding was from Sandy/Hurlston Brook which overtopped its banks during the event. Reports also indicate that many surface water drains were unable to discharge into Sandy/Hurlston Brook during high levels. More detailed investigation has identified that this description includes a number of separate locations – this record will be sub-divided into the different locations for future reports”.

As usual we wonder what action would have been taken by now if flooding on this persistent scale occurred at the homes of LCC and or WLBC officers, and who would pay for it? Mr Jonker may discover the fields that flood onto his property are privately owned, and he will have to pay anyway. But read that promise above again…”Following a flood event, all risk management authorities should work together to identify common methods for managing flood risk in the affected communities…” and you will recognise the bullshit contained in it!

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