Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 31, 2017

New Year Awards Are Scarce In West Lancashire

It seems that nobody from West Lancashire was worthy of a New Year honour, when surely there were candidates who should have been considered? We found three, and to acknowledge their service we have given them the local MBE, also known as the “My Best Effort” award.

First is Wally Westley.  In 2017 he lost the nomination for the LCC West Lancashire East seat to Paul Greenall, so instead, in May, he fought for the LCC Ormskirk seat, and was soundly beaten by Cllr Hennessy. His disastrous leadership of the local Tory party is regarded as a gift to the local Labour party.

Then we have Sam Currie.  In 2017 he came from nowhere to be nominated as the Tory Parliamentary candidate and remains nowhere as he gave Rosie Cooper her biggest ever majority in four general elections.

And who could ignore Paul Moon?  In 2017 he continued his twin council seating arrangement with, for the last six months, an attendance record at WLBC meetings of just 33% while on full council allowance.


  1. You could have added Frank McKenna too.

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