Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 26, 2017

Moon “I am A Wyre Landlord” Part 2

On 25 November we wrote about Tory Cllr Moon, that “in bizarre circumstances Moon, as a councillor landlord in Preesall was able to speak about landlord housing matters in West Lancashire while six West Lancashire councillor landlords were denied that right”. You can refresh your memory of it here

Within 4 days, on 29 November, of our article Moon “refreshed” his Wyre Notification of Disclosable Pecuniary and Other Interests with the following details  . Nothing alters the fact of an original newspaper poll that 88% of residents responding called on Moon to resign his West Lancashire seat.

We also noticed a twitter entry by WLBC Cllr Currie that says “You know those two faced people who tell two people two completely different things to make both people like them?” and, on the subject of people being two faced such as policies on green bin charges, we think this picture expresses things rather well?


  1. Two political minnows that wouldn’t have made the cut in a Conservative Group of yesteryear. They score obvious political own goals almost every time they open their mouths.

    • On the money! Two examples of the paucity of local Tory political talent under the local party leadership that’s at rock bottom. Labour must be laughing at this lot!

  2. Well, by Moon’s own standards, and with GreenBin Gate fresh in mind, it would appear that he himself is ‘multi-faceted’!

    • No doubt about that, “support green bin charges, oppose green bin charges”, in different local authorities, because of political idiocy. It’s the leadership, whatever that is!

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