Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 21, 2017

Hyperbole, Speculation, And Misinformation

Today we can follow the serial exchanges between Brexitiers and Remainers in the Champion letters. Answering Mike Fawcett are Stan King of Aughton and James McGregor by email .

Mr King argues a failure by Mr Fawcett to use facts to bolster HIS argument relies on speculation and misinformation. He needs no-one to apologise for him trying to prevent our country being federalized by an organization led by a Franco-German alliance that is self-serving and lacks competency. Mr McGregor, who has good friends in both camps, is concerned how family feuds, fractured friendships, and an insurgence of intra-national intolerance were created.

In my case I am under-whelmed by remainers like the 23 MPs who yesterday sought a second referendum in Parliament. They, 9 Libdems, 9 Labour, 4 Plaid Cymru, 1 Green, accepted democratic election to Parliament but deny our democratic majority choice to leave the EU. Tory veteran remainer Kenneth Clarke surprisingly voted with the government against a second referendum.

I am also under-whelmed by the EU representation of its positions. Negotiator Barnier is quoted as dating his passion for Europe to the picture he saw, as a child, of General de Gaulle and the German chancellor Adenauer clutching hands to symbolize the reconciliation between their two countries. My intense aversion to the EU is based on the price we paid for war with Germany. I can best describe it by including this copy of a letter to a newspaper  and if it shows my intolerance towards the EU it is well written. 

As for the UK courts paying due regard to ECJ decisions on a permanent basis, which may end the direct jurisdiction of the EJ Court, it is a disgrace to me that our Supreme Court might not be sovereign. Barnier apparently claimed that “There is no reason for our [EU] values and principles to be damaged as a result of brexit”. Perhaps the Greek people might wonder what the “EU principles” are as they apply to Greece?

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