Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 19, 2017

Parrs Lane Public Inquiry

Redrow and Wainhomes applications to develop agricultural land at Parrs Lane are the subject of a Public Inquiry by order of the High Court that will be heard on 30 January 2018 at the WLBC office 52 Derby Street. Members of the public may attend . This is the land which gave rise to the infamous and wholly untrue Cllr D Westley claim of lies being told door to door by Aughton’s campaigners against  the inclusion of the land in the Local Plan.

The brilliant reporting of the incident by Danielle Thompson in the Champion newspaper in December 2013 is a matter of public record. “Aughton residents are calling for Councillor David Westley to resign after he called the two-year campaign to keep Parrs Lane in the greenbelt ‘a waste of time’ and alleged that door to door campaigners had told lies.

“After Colin Atkinson, chairman for the Aughton Residents Group (2012) raised the issue of the formulation of the neighbourhood plan to discuss the future of Aughton at public question time at the Aughton Parish Council meeting on Monday December 9, Lancashire County Councillor Westley, who represents Aughton and Downholland told Colin Atkinson that campaigners had wasted two years talking to the Borough Council.

“He said “The campaign was a disaster, lies were told door to door and the campaign was a waste of time”. He then walked out of the meeting at Aughton Village Hall amid shouts that the campaigners had not lied, jeers and calls for his resignation. Colin Atkinson described his behaviour as childish and unprofessional and said that he expects an apology from Councillor Westley for his “unwarranted” remarks”.

Undeterred by this appalling Westley misrepresentation of Aughton’s decent and honest residents, the Aughton Residents Group 2012 is still opposing the development. As Colin Atkinson said at the time”He took exception to me mentioning that it could be just four years until Parrs Lane could be built upon and I expect an apology for his unprofessional behaviour”. And here we are, four years on, Westley still leading his party into oblivion, and the defence of Parrs Lane in the hands of ARG2012 and WLBC!

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