Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 14, 2017

The Culture Of Deceit

 For the record, Rosie Cooper MP voted last night for Amendment 7 to Clause 9 of the European Union (Withdrawal Bill) to require the final Brexit deal with the EU to be approved by statute passed by Parliament.

Yesterday I heard a Labour MP say “the country should trust Parliament to be mature and sensible”. Another, a Tory, claimed Eurosceptics were “fixated on getting us out” and even compared himself to Sir Winston Churchill by stating that “A good party man…will put his country before his party”! The Tory then chose to ignore the national referendum which was a decision by the people.

Later, a “malcontent Tory” tweeted that “Parliament took control of the EU withdrawal process”. Did Parliament ever NOT have control over the EU withdrawal by virtue of the decision of the Supreme Court? So why the need for this amendment?

The culture of deceit is a simple matter, that remainers all insist they are fully behind Brexit but that this amendment was all about parliamentary scrutiny. Why then is there such glee from the EU following the vote, as shown by the unelected EU official above?

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