Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 13, 2017

The Question Of Brexit Has Been Decided, Hasn’t It? Part 2

 A few days ago WLR wrote about a letter to QLocal from a West Lancashire resident who hoped “Brexit won’t happen”.

He’s received a reply from Stodgey, another West Lancashire resident, below.

‘Your only hope is Brexit won’t happen’? And yet, you’ll no doubt profess to be a diehard democrat….Right?

“Democracy is a simple process – basically, it’s a numbers game, but it only works if both winners and losers accept the result; otherwise, it’s anarchy, and banana republicanism beckons. El Presidente Blair wins with 150% of the vote; hurrah for El Presidente Blair, award yourself another medal.

“Brexit won because more people voted for it than voted remain – even with all the collective scare stories that the Establishment could muster; the threat of WW3, an immediate recession, an emergency budget, house prices immediately tanking by as much as 20%, etc, etc.

“A lot of those tall tales were delivered in a handy little leaflet to every home in the country courtesy of the £9 million quid of our money that the government spent on producing it. Obviously Maurice, you, along with the Electoral Commission think the spending of 9 million quid of our money on government propaganda is perfectly correct and above board? And no matter how much the Leave campaign are alleged to have ‘overspent’, I’m kind of guessing it’s not to the tune of £9,000,000.

“And the age thing? Well, yep, I plead guilty as charged. I’m one of those old dudes who voted for Brexit, and have thus apparently robbed the yoof of their inheritance. But at least I’m consistent – I voted to leave in 1975 as a rather youthful 21 year old. I was on the losing side that time, but although disappointed, I accepted the result. I didn’t stand on street corners handing out leaflets to all and sundry in a bid to undermine the will of the people.

“And now I have 4 sons, all young, all looking forward to their lives ahead. They’re all well educated, informed and have an all-consuming interest in politics. And hey, guess what? They all voted to leave, also.

“If only they’d have read one of your leaflets first, eh?”

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