Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 12, 2017

The Question Of Brexit Has Been Decided, Hasn’t It?

 If you were to be looking for politicians with a penchant for bare faced hypocrisy, you might be recalling the uproar that Cameron caused as we learned that “Every household in England will receive a glossy 14-page booklet through their letterbox next week making the case for Britain to remain in the European Union, as the government kicks off a £9m taxpayer-funded publicity blitz. As David Cameron steps up his efforts to persuade voters to vote to remain in the EU at the 23 June referendum, No 10 announced it would spend 34p per household on the booklets, which bear the government crest”.

You might remember that as you read a letter to the excellent QLocal website reproduced here. It’s from Maurice George, Yew Tree Road, Ormskirk…“It was an interesting experience for John Watt, William Gilmore and myself to stand in Ormskirk town centre on a cold December Saturday handing out leaflets about a ‘lost cause’. This refers to our impending departure from the EU (ie Brexit) – on the face of it, the question has been decided once and for all by the referendum which, by a narrow majority, committed us to leave the European Union. So why were three or four of us asking people how they feel now about a ‘cut-and-dried’ decision?

“Lots of passers-by ignored us but a surprising number were keen to share their opinions. It was quite clear that many young people were extremely worried about their futures in a UK faced with fast-rising prices and probable unemployment. Some older folk had voted to leave and had no regrets. Lots more were really sorry they had voted ‘out’ and now realise it was an enormous mistake. And even more had voted to remain and were now sure that Britain is facing a catastrophe outside the EU.

“The outcome is still uncertain because there are several things which could block Brexit: the present government is led by a deeply divided Conservative Party and could collapse at any moment – that would take us back to square one; and the Electoral Commission is investigating whether the Leave campaign broke the law on election spending. We’re glad we had the chance to chat with a large number of people and take a snapshot of their views on a matter which will determine our future for years and decades and maybe even centuries to come. Our only hope is that Brexit will not happen”.

Perhaps the letter reflects once again the disdain for democracy that has grown recently. People who would never have challenged national votes to elect national governments of whatever ilk are now, mainly through social media, brave enough to have a go with their “what have we got to lose” philosophies. On a 72 per cent turnout, 17,410,742 people voted Leave, the biggest vote in British history for anything, and it still isn’t enough for remoaners. As for the law on election spending, Cameron spent public money on his Remain position and lost it all! Mine included!


  1. I’ve been trying to upload a reply on the Q Local site, but without success. Don’t know if I’ve been deactivated or not. I really wish I’d have happened upon this Gang of 3 when they were handing out their leaflets because there would have been a lot of home truths told. To be honest, I despair at the in-denial behaviour of these people and their rose-tinted view of the EU. They seem to have morphed it into some kind of informal hippie commune for countries – where only good things happen, after a group hug and a democratic vote by all, obviously.

    I challenged a Remainer a few months ago about a few issues I have with the EU. For example what happened to Greece, and the price they have been made to pay – and what happened to Italy. They were made to ditch their elected PM for a substitute chosen and imposed by the Bundesbank. And to me, that is one of the biggest problems with the EU. It’s all about Germany – and always has been. It was, after all, brought into being in order to sate Germany’s appetite for conquest – especially into France.

    The Euro was all about Germany too – and the advantageous trading conditions it gave them. What Merkel says, goes – remember two years ago when she unilaterally invited the dispossessed refugees of Syria into Germany, promising them sanctuary, if, and only if they managed to get to Germany under their own steam. Cue a stampede of biblical proportions from not only Syria but also the wider Middle East and North Africa.

    Through Merkel’s stupidity, the eastern countries of the EU were overwhelmed by a sea of huddle-massed humanity. And then, as a million people reached Germany, she suddenly instructed the EU to dole some of them out to member countries – any who have expressed reluctance have been denounced and threatened by fines…..And none but the leaders of the countries she is threatening say but one word of protest….

    • Couldn’t agree more. One of the worst aspects of this current denial is the work of those UK politicians who worked at and for the EU, whose pension rights depend on them never criticising the EU and extolling the virtues of a federal EU. People like Clegg, to name just one.

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