Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 12, 2017

LCC Goes Potty In Parrs Lane

 After his intervention over the appalling state of the gutters and grids, West Lancashire East LCC Cllr Paul Greenall sought action from LCC to have the dangerous Parrs Lane pothole shown above repaired. LCC has refused to repair it because it is less than the “40mm intervention level” and is therefore not actionable.

Cllr Greenall has asked “why do we pay our road tax?”. He might be surprised to find some councils have set the intervention depth at 75mm, or three inches in old money! The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has described the Chancellor Philip Hammond’s pledge of an additional £45 million to repair potholes as ‘paltry’. The funding pledge is in the small print of the Autumn Statement that states “good quality infrastructure is essential for the economy and productivity”.

The development of a first class global economy will not happen on a third world road network. Yet again, we have a chancellor who has failed to address the decades of under-investment in road maintenance. He has demonstrated no understanding that a well-maintained local road network is essential to the national economy”. Thank goodness I’m too old to ride my bike on Parrs Lane any more!

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