Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 8, 2017

From Sam “A Relatively Dull Person” Currie

 Sailor Sam Currie has taken over the “Tory-in-a-paddy” Toy Pram previously used by Wally. He tweets “As a #westlancs resident, I’d be interested to know which of @UKLabour #brexit policies @rosie4westlancs supports? Or does it change daily according to the whip? Perhaps she could make a statement @Visiter @champnews”

Can’t Currie read the published statement like the rest of us? Rosie Cooper said “I voted in favour of holding a referendum, I voted in favour of triggering Article 50, and I will continue to vote to represent the will of West Lancashire residents”.

As has been written today “Our [Tory] government on our behalf is reportedly offering to pay the EU around €45-50 billion of money that we don’t legally owe, to submit to our courts being overruled by a wholly foreign court after we have left the EU, and to make commitments keep our regulation in agriculture and possibly other fields “aligned” with the EU in order to resolve the Irish border issue. This is all so that we can reach the nirvana of having not a trade deal, but talks about a trade deal”.

Perhaps this is OK with “whipped by the West Lancashire Conservative Party” Sam Currie?

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