Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 1, 2017

The Hyperbolic EU Remainer

 In his letter to the Champion about Brexit Mike Fawcett refers to the use of facts rather than hyperbole. In doing so he refers to the fact of jobs lost at two London based EU institutions. And, as is the practice these days, he quotes himself, a 57 year old, apologising to our youth for selling their heritage based on “an ill-informed whimsical bigoted Brexit agenda…”.

That’s a serious accusation, to be bigoted merely for democratically answering the question asked about our future, or not, in the EU. So let’s look at our youth, and the youth of the EU, as facts not hyperbole. Greece youth unemployment is 43.3%, Spain youth unemployment is 38.7%, Italy youth unemployment is 35.1%. Need we go on to complete the list of what jobs the EU can’t provide for its young citizens?

“House building plans in the UK can’t go ahead because so many construction workers have returned to mainland Europe” apparently. Well, look at the record profits of house construction companies and then wonder what part of it didn’t go ahead! It’s a never ending national malaise, not a lack of EU workers malaise.

“Our world neighbours see our once forward-looking, dynamic nation becoming an introspective backwater, irrelevant on the world stage”. If that’s the case why is the EU so desperate to keep us in its all powerful expanding super state and its forthcoming EU army? As a full permanent member of the World Trade Organisation we are equal at least to its other 163 members and 22 observer governments, including, believe it or not, the European Union and each EU Country in its own right as members. Do introspective backwaters reach out to trade with the world? Britain does, after all, do more trade with the rest of the world than it does with the EU under the “cherished” Single Market.

So you see, Mike, how much different the picture looks when you use hyperbole rather than facts?

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